Fantasy PPR Deal

I got a trade offer for Sammy Watkins. The guy is giving me Jordan Howard and his 4th overall pick in this year’s rookie draft for him. I own 3rd overall and figure I will be picking up sanders. I also own the 6th overall as well. I am hesitant to take offer because of watkins potential. Thoughts? Take the trade or stand pat?

Howard is the sweetner and the 4th overall I’d jump at for Watkins. I would personally deal Watkins for the 4th overall alone. Prefer a Montgomery type to Watkins


I agree with this. If Hill is out, sure Watkins gets more looks. However, Watkins is Watkins, nothing special.


I would take the deal


If you like the rookies I would take the deal. Watkins could be a big time guy this season. He could be injured a lot again too. I would probably take the deal though.

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I’d been higher on Watkins had they not drafted Hardman and D Thompson… I kind of believe they’ll use multiple players to back fill Hill. Hardman can push deep and Williams, Thompson filling the out of the backfield receptions that Hill used to get. I honestly believe Watkins will be hard pressed to be a WR3


I generally do not like the rookie draft lottery for proven NFL talent, but in this case I would roll the dice moving on from Watkins. As another option, you might want to ask for his 2020 1st. That class looks solid.

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Just to let u guys know I ended up giving up…
Watkins and my 1.6 pick for…Howard his 1st round pick next year and his 2.6 pick this year

I think I did ok


Not quite sure I like that deal… the 1.04 + Howard for Watkins seemed pretty sweet, but giving up your 1.06 and only getting back a mid 2nd, I’m not on board with. Sorry :slight_smile:
Watkins alone, I would value somewhere around 1.06/1.07 ish. He seems to be healthy every other year, so this should be the year where he plays all 16 games!
If he just plays 14, it’s hard to imagine him not being a top 18 WR.


I also got back his 2020 first round pick. Which I think will be more valueable than this years 1.6 imo. This guy is also in major rebuild mode I don’t see his team making the playoffs. His best rb is Cohen and is best wr is probably Allen Robinson :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I did win last year as well. No big deal :sunglasses::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah a high 2020 #1 is a Golden Ticket

for sure, if you get a high 2020 1st round pick too, its all good.

I would have rather had the 1.04 as opposed to Howard… just me?

But then again this draft is a bunch of things that won’t hit for 3 years and one RB that nobody knows who it is that’s going to break out…

…that RB will NOT be Jacobs :stuck_out_tongue:

Aright, I’ll bite… Who is it!?

My money’s on Montgomery (his balance and patience are insane… VERY LeVeon Bell-like)… but it’ll be some random… we may start the season and find out Gurley actually doesn’t have a knee anymore… it’s just gone… and Henderson turns out amazing because he has legs and is running behind that line…