Fantasy Pro Advice

Should I try to make some moves or stay with what I got?
Rivers, Brissett
McCaffrey, Barkley, Damien Williams, Chris Thompson, Ajaya
Kupp, Landry, McLaurin, Dorsett, D. Jackson
Walker, Ben Watson.

Thanks for any help

there’s always moves to make, it’s just what’s out there/what you can get. First guys I’d exchange are Ajayi and Thompson, but otherwise mostly nice. 10 team? can use an upgrade on QBs and/or TEs but I think u can wait on TEs and see how Watson does.

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It’s a 12 team and wasn’t sure if I should go after a better WR2 behind Kupp

I’m hoping Ajaya gets picked up. I’ve been targeting Waller bc he owner has Ertz also. Not sure who to target at QB right now

true, I guess Kupp isn’t an ideal WR1, but unless u can send Damien for a better WR I might stay put. Also depends on your record.

Barkley will be back very soon. Desean seems like he’ll be back soon. Dorsett may be ok. If Damien keeps a decent % of the RBBC in KC your RB corps should beat just about any team out of the water, esp w/ cam out. And I really want to see how Desean does when he comes back.

If 3-1 and playing the worst team this week.

I was able to flip Theilen and M. Sanders for Barkley and Landry.

I was thinking of trying to use Chris Thompson and Landry (selling high) for a WR but not sure what WR I can snag with that combo. Or do Damien Williams and Landry for a RB upgrade to play in my flex.