Fantasy Roster Construction

I left my draft feeling great and now I’m a bit concerned.
QB: Newton
WR: Woods, Boyd, R Anderson, J Gordon, Pettis
RB: Zeke, Gurley, Carson, Murray, Pollard, M Brown
TE: Walker

I didn’t draft a kicker and I have 4 spots for 2 backfields so someone will need to be dropped. It’s a 12 team STD redraft league and I’m curious who to drop or who I should look too trade?

I think you can safely drop Brown, might not even be the handcuff. Or, if it is a 2 WR league you could package two mid level WRs and level up to 1 better WR.

I think you got great value on Josh Gordon, he might become your WR1

I considered trying to trade Boyd and Murray for AB to this guy who’s RBs are Chubb Guice Barber, do you think it’s worth it?