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Fantasy Trade Targets & Ammo for Week 6

Originally published at: https://www.thefantasyfootballers.com/articles/fantasy-trade-targets-ammo-for-week-6/

Welcome to Week 6 trade targets and trade ammunition! Trading is an important and exciting part of fantasy football. Owners should do their own research and trust their gut. I encourage trading, especially because it increases the competition in your league! This article highlights players I want to buy as well as those I want…


Hey Jeff, do you think I should trade Mike Evans and Will Fuller for Odell and Hunter Henry? I still have Julio, Kamara, and Nick Chubb on my team

Hey Jeff, thanks again for this weekly article, I’m a big fan. I have Kerryon and Josh Jacobs, would you trade either for Chubb (half PPR)? I’m being offered but not sure how to think about Kareem Hunt here.

Do you need a TE? I’d prefer Evans to OBJ, which is the meat of the trade.

I currently am trying to trade robert woods and dj moore for an rb. I have chubb and ekeler currently. I was hoping montgomery would be getting better chances at this point but nagy decides to screw him everytime. But with that ammo of woods and moore, who should i target?

My TE’s are Olsen, Everett, and McDonald so I do need to upgrade. I was trying to trade for Henry but the guy owns him only wanted to do a big trade and I didn’t need to

I personally wouldn’t trade. Keep Evans

I’d rather have your side (Evans and fuller). That being said, id be open to trading those guys for an elite talent

  • Jeff

Thank you! I appreciate the feedback. That’s really tough. I’d probably trade either for Chubb but I’d test the waters and maximize your return. Might be able to add another peice from an owner going full browns tilt

  • Jeff

Lev Bell :triumph:

  • Jeff

Hey Jeff, I’m in a 10 team .5 PPR league. RB’s currently are Chubb, Aaron Jones, Carson, Tevin Coleman, Singletary, and Miles Sanders. Would it be a bad move to trade Chubb for Le’veon?

I could trade Dak Prescott (bench) Jordan Howard (bench), and Zack Ertz (starting TE) for Saquon and Jimmy Graham. Waiver pick up for Herdon in as well. Thoughts?

(Half ppt ppr dynasty) I made a slew of trades: Dj Chark for Tyreek Hill. Tyreek Hill, Stefon Diggs and a first for Deandre Hopkins and Chris Godwin. The guy realized his mistake, so we settled on a new deal of Chris Godwin and a second for Tyreek Hill and my first back. Should I have done that last trade? WRs now are Deandre, Tyreek, Curtis Samuel, Robby Anderson and Geronimo Allison. Also who should i start (dual flex) thanks!

I’m currently 1-4 in a 10 team full ppr and don’t know what I have to do to get on a roll, any advice or opinions would help for trades or anything
QB streaming Jimmy G
RB Chubb Fournette David Johnson Hunt and McCoy
WR Hopkins Gordon Tate Alshon and McLaurin
TE Andrews and Herndon

I wouldn’t personally do it. I tend to avoid “like for like” trades- an RB1 for an RB1, similarly ranked.

  • Jeff
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I would do it (saquon side). Absolutely. Nice work, :facepunch:

  • Jeff

I’d rather have Tyreek straight up, so getting a first back is even better. Best WR for young QB who is a generational talent. Granted Tyreek is riskier w off field issues. But I love it. Godwin is a stud but jameis is inconsistent.

I’d sit Geronimo if you need upside (& Darnold is active) or sit Robby A if you need a floor. That’s tough

  • Jeff

Hmm. Your team is good but underperforming. How is your points for vs points against? If you’ve had bad luck, hold strong.

Could you trade Hopkins and gordon for Tyreek and a solid WR2 like DJ Chark? Slight downgrade at WR1 but upgrade at WR2.

Also, could you get an RB2 for hunt?

Also, look to get guys with little name recognition like scary Terry. Often valued below where they should be

  • Jeff
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Currently 3-2 and I want to create better depth at WR. I got CMC and was thinking of trading him for Zek, Dalvin Cook and TY Hilton. Is this asking to much? And would flip Zek for a RB2 and a WR1.
Current RBs- CMC, Conner, Damien Williams, Chris Thompson
Current WRs- Cooks, Boyd, Ridley, McLaurin, Curtis Samuels

Thank you

I think that’d be asking too much but I’d do if you can. Unless you’re getting 2+ elite players back, I wouldn’t trade CMC

Could you flip cooks and Conner?

  • Jeff