Fantasy Vampire Redraft League #1

Fantasy Vampire Redraft League #1 Rules

  • 12 Team League on Sleeper
    • 11 teams will draft and the Vampire will create their roster based on what is left on the waiver wire. Vampire will draft low level players or injured players to create a roster during the draft.
    • AdamWx21 will be the Vampire for the 1st season. Whoever comes in last will be the Vampire for the next season.
  • Full point PPR with 4 points per passing TD and 6 pts per rushing TD.
  • Rosters: 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 Flex, 7 Bench
  • $25 buy in via leaguesafe.
  • There are no waivers and pickups during the season for the 11 regular teams. Trades will be allowed between all 12 teams, so the Vampire can trade because the Vampire has access to the entire waiver wire. What you draft is your roster for the regular season. Once the playoffs start, waivers open and only the playoff teams can participate in waivers.
    • The Vampire, as stated above, will create their roster from waivers once the draft is complete. The Vampire will be the only one able to pick up players off the waiver wire during the regular season and has unlimited pick ups.
  • If the Vampire beats a team during the regular season, they can claim ANY player from the losing team. If the losing team has CMC, and the Vampire wants CMC, they can trade any player of the same position for CMC. It has to be a position for position trade. This is also a forced trade and can’t be vetoed.
  • If the Vampire doesn’t make the playoffs, then all the players they took during the regular season are returned to their original teams. This way the playoff teams have their original players back.

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