Fantasy vet looking for Dynasty league

10+ years of fantasy football, very active and year round listener to pods/news/info. Looking to dive into dynasty as some of my local leagues have began fading off over the years. Looking for a committed crew that can play with for years to come. I’m currently active in 2 online leagues that are 3 years running but are standard re-draft. Trade active, chat active, love trash talking.

Looking to join a fresh crew, existing league or take over teams with coaching vacancies. Prefer sleeper app (but not required) and leagues with $ buy-in.

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I have a spot in my Dynasty league. It has a devy component. This will be the second year for the league, so it’s still new. Last year everything was auctioned, including devy picks. The team does not have any devy players and opted to put money toward active NFL players. The team is pretty good, and it does have all 4 picks this year. The devy pool is only depleted, not drained, so there are still viable options for this year and moving forward. With our draft, you either select a rookie (like normal) or you add a devy player who you get when they enter the league. It’s just buying early on talent.

Our league is not standard. It has a tweaked point scoring system to try and keep all positions somewhat balanced. Our starting roster is 1QB / 8FLEX / 1SF. That’s why we tweaked the scoring. It is a TE premium but tiered PPR scoring. It’s pretty fun and definitely not the traditional league.

There might be one of us who has played devy prior to this league starting, but it was formed around people who wanted to give it a shot. None of us are ‘sharks’ in that regard. The cost is $20 + $20 deposit to allow pick trading. Though I’m considering dropping the deposit this year. I trust the members.

Here’s the link if you are interested in checking it out!

Let me know if you have questions.

I’ll have a look! Thanks for the response!

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You are welcome. I get that this might not be a league for everyone, since it’s pretty unusual, but it’s pretty fun. Thanks for looking!