Fantasy Wildcards + Hype Check

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Wildcard! Andy, Mike, and Jason each pick two “wildcard” players for the 2019 fantasy football season. Find out which players were hardest to rank due to a wide range of outcomes. Plus, which offseason move will end up being the most overhyped for fantasy? Prep your redraft, keeper, and dynasty teams for 2019 with the…

I think Jason is spot on with K.Drake. You cannot use his 120/130 carry seasons as a baseline, because that was with a MORON at HC. There is 0 chance Ballage is the starter on this team. Have you guys watched him play? He has non of the tools Drake does as an athlete.

Not to mention Miami has a defensive minded HC now, and we all know those coaches want to use D, and a running game to control the clock. Also they could be starting Rosen at QB, and what’s a QBs best friend? Esp a young one? A running game.

I can see Drake getting 200 carries and 50 rec’s this season. Im going to be keeping him in one league using a 14th rd pick (which is a tremendous value) and probably using him as my RB2.

Won that league last season so I pick 12th (have won the championship often in my 2 big money leagues, thanks in part to your show :slight_smile: ).