Fat Rob Kelley

Perine saw 19 carries before fumbling and messing up his hand…with the emergence of Chris Thompson do you think Kelley will be any good moving forward?

Yes. Perine has 2 fumbles now and as much as Chris Thompson is going to get passing down work, he’s not going to become a featured back. He will take a lot of snaps, limiting Kelley’s upside.

From what Ive seen, Gruden has said Kelley is still their guy and even though Thompson has asked for more work they don’t plan to give him more.

Thanks for the insight…I think is goaline work provides significant upside also

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Gruden said today that he won’t give Thompson any more touches than what he’s gettin. That means Rob Kelley is very very relevant.


Thanks Andy for the insight. I guess I’ll hold him for a little while longer

Maybe trickery from Gruden? how can they not give him more touches, seems like a no brainer… with that said: should I trade: big ben (have luck) / smallwood / jags D (have lions) for Simian / Thompson / Vernon (I have Reed)


gracias amigos