Favorite Draft Postion

Hey Footclan,

Been waiting anxiously for my 12 team (.5ppr) League’s Draft order to be determined, if you had a choice where is your ideal draft postion, why is this and what player combos have you been getting in your first 4 picks with this draft postion?

I need something to do besides mock draft all day at work :stuck_out_tongue:

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Great question. I had the choice between 3rd and 10th in a 12 team league. I chose 3rd based on getting one of the top 3 rbs. Been mostly getting Zeke, Mike Evans in the 2nd. TY/Baldwin/Mckinnon/Mixon in the 3rd and then either one of the rookie RBs if I went WR in the 3rd or Marvin Jones/Brandin Cooks if I went RB in the 3rd.

After seeing some mocks, I think I would rather go late in the first and get a combo of Gordon/Fournette/Cook/Hunt and OBJ/Julio/Keenan/Michael Thomas.

Trying to kill 8 hours at work as well


I’ve been doing 12 team mocks for weeks and I feel that the 7-9 spot is the best for landing a solid 1-2 punch. I’ve been lucky a few times and OBJ or Hopkins falls to 7 and I’ve paired them with a guy like Cook in the 2nd, but mostly this year I’m thinking RB / RB in 12 teams with how shallow the top of the position is.

I’d rather have Fournette / Cook and piece together a WR group from middle rounds + waivers than have to hope a guy like Penny can fend off Carson for meaningful snaps.

I like the 6 spot a lot in a redraft. You get either Gordon, Kamara, or Brown. I personally think Gordon will be even better this year on that offense. I could easily see Gordon being a top 3 back this year. If he is gone you could get a sure thing in Brown who you know will be a locked in stud pretty much every week.

I like that thinking for your first round pick but then when you come back around in the 2nd round you are just missing people like K Allen or Julio. Ive had mocks where Gordon falls to 10 and then i get Julio/Allen on the way back. Ive been liking the 9-10 spot for that pairing.

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I wish I could get Gordon at 9, geeze. Haha. I would be fine with Gordon and Thomas just as much as Gordon and Julio in my opinion. You could make the case for drafting at 1 or 2 and then possibly having Gronk drop to you in the late 2nd or early 3rd too, which is draft making as well I think. So many options!!! That’s what is fun about the draft, no 1 way to skin a cat.

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Yea. I am regretting going with the 3rd pick. Went with 10th last year and won it all. Should’ve done the same this year.

I won it all last year at the 2 pick but it was a 10 man league last year and my 1st 3 picks were, Bell, Gurley and then Zeke lol who are now the 1,2,3 picks this year :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve won from a lot of spots. Doesn’t really matter. I’ve finished 2nd for 2 years in a row and have have the 9 spot due to finishing second. Same for this year. It’s all about hitting a sleeper and the correct pick ups really.

This was just the thread I was hoping to see as draft position was set today and I got the 10th spot (12 man, Full PPR). What is the common/ strongest strategy from there? I was thinking a decent RB into stud WR like you guys were mentioning but are there alternates? I will start getting into mock drafts pretty soon and also want to know what to think about going into those!

Last year (first time): 3rd place from 2nd draft spot.

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For me I’m looking at grabbing an RB and WR from that position and completely comfortable with any combo. If you go WR at 10 say Odell, and if Julio slips to you in the 2nd or vice versa. I would be thrilled with Odell and Julio with my 1st 2 picks

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agreeing with @mattv1818 with a later pick its very tempting to get 1 or 2 stud WRs like OBJ and Julio but then by the time it comes back there are slim picking at RB. Its doubtful Guice falls that far and i usually find myself having to get Ajayi (Who im fine with here) and then taking a shot on Kenyon Drake (Scary), Lamar Miller (Decent) or a rookie RB not named Barkley/Guice (Which rn they all have question marks on their volume this year. If i do go OBJ and then Julio ive been getting AJayi 3rd and Lynch 4th.

So there’s 2 stud WR, into 2 decent RB.
Top 10 RB and Top 3 WR, into decent WR and RB.

I’ll try both paths and see how it turns out.
What are some good sites for mock drafts?
I was trying out the Draft Simulator on FantasyPros but it was against their “algorithms”. Although, it does make for a very fast mock.

@BLumsden09 ive been using sleeperbot for mocks

I’m advocating a RB/RB approach this year given how many mediocre backs that are being taken in the 3rd and 4th rounds. Outside of the top 12-14 backs, you’re taking a real risk with guys like Guice or Rojo (don’t get me started on Penny or Freeman… neither one starts game one in my opinion).

Consider also that if you’ve landed two studly RBs at the turn, you can focus on selecting the receivers you want instead of having to react to runs that are sure to come. Force another team into starting Penny or Lamar Miller and roll with two top 14 RBs

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I don’t hate grabbing a top 3 or 4 WR at the end of the 1st if the right backs are still on the board to pair with in the 2nd. If you gamble and miss, it takes far more savy play in the middle rounds and throughout the season to make up for a lackluster stable of backs.

A common situation for me in mocks drafting 10th spot is my first choice is usually OBJ/ Hopkins/ Julio, maybe one time Barkley fell to me. Do you pick Melvin Gordon or Barkley over one of those receivers? When the turn comes around at 2.3 I usually have Michael Thomas/ Fournette/ Melvin Gordon & Dalvin Cook ( both very few times). Would you still advocate RB/RB for my position or WR/RB, RB/WR, etc. The draft wizard on Fantasy pros is what im using so maybe what falls to me is skewed?

1.05 has been my favorite spot. Getting one of the top 4 RBs or AB pretty much opens up remainder of the draft for me. If I get AB, I typically go zero RB in the first 3 rounds and stack up at WR and pound a lot of high upside guys later.

Lamar miller has been falling late as well and I’m more than fine starting miller + favorite rookie not named barkley along with some sort of AB/JJ/AJ Green/Allen/Diggs/Hilton type of WR stack.

So i’m not a huge fan of ZeroRB myself; when you go that route, do you do true ZeroRB where you get 3 WR +QB/TE and wait until 6 to get a RB? The closest I’ll get is if I take two elite WR’s early, but I always swing at a back in the third if that’s the case. Just me though.

I never stick to a strategy so blindly that I’d pass on OBJ or Hopkins if they’re there at 10. When you’re drafting at the end of the first, the best advice I can give is grab the best players your comfortable drafting.

To ignore a better player to stick so your plan isn’t a good strategy.