Favorite Dynasty Startup Draft Slot

Hey Guys,

I’m partaking in a dynasty startup draft later this summer and we will be going through a process to determine draft slotting. In a full PPR, 10 team, snake draft, which draft position would you choose as an ideal slot?

Is there trading allowed before the draft? That would change my answer drastically.

I want between 2-5. Championship teams have one thing in common. Blue chip players, like Antonio Brown/OBJ/Todd Gurley…
It’s cheaper to get one through the draft then to pay for it later.

Yes, trading is allowed. I’m assuming you are saying to take the first slot and then take trade offers?

Your answer is in line with my own thinking, as I had been targeting slots 3 or 4, to still get a top level player. I’m not a fan of being on the ends of the snake with such long waits between picks, you can miss out on entire tiers of players

I wasn’t necceaily suggesting taking 1.01 - because that dictates where your other draft picks are allocated. But it does change the strategy and ultimately, based on trades, where you are making draft picks.

In a league with trades I want to retain my first three picks. Meaning I want three in the first 30 picks or so. That doesn’t mean you can’t trade them and shuffle around. But these players are key to a dynasty team. Then I’m happy to sell 4-6 away to gain multiple 7-9 picks.

An example might be:
Trade away 2.06 and 5.07 for the 2.11, 7.02, 8.11 and 9.02

Please note I haven’t thought through the value above - just wanted to give an example.

I prefer picking later. There are always great values on blue chip guys later. For example, I got OBJ at 6 in a start up this year, and that’s stealing.

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