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Favorite league traditions?


Hey all! We’d love to know some of YOUR favorite league traditions so we can share some on the show and inspire other leagues!


Yo FootClan,

We don’t have anything too crazy in my league of record, but the two traditions that have held and I enjoy are these:

  1. Last place get’s their team renamed by the Founders (the four friends who brought the league into existence). The only way to change your team name is to win a chip.

  2. Each year the winner gains power over rules changes, i.e. scoring, waiver wire style, keeper rules, etc.


Each season, the champion is responsible for making some improvement to the trophy. League members are scattered between 8 states so the trophy also travels.


Sooooo, my league is pretty vicious, and our tradition is that the person that comes in last has to dress up as a Disney princess(this year we had an Elsa), watch the super bowl at a local bar while dressed up and at the end of the game they have to jump in the ocean, which is kinda terrible because we live in Canada and the ocean is never warm in February.

PS. He did it to himself, he self imploded through awful trades, because he doesn’t listen to the Ballers. His team name was the Salt King, so it seemed fitting…

PPS. The guys that don’t suck in our league all listen to the show… Thanks for keeping us out of a dress and relatively warm during the Superbowl.