FC Startup Dynasty League

Who wants to join a pure footclan dynasty league? I have one going with my buddies who have varying football knowledge, but I’d love an ultra competitive one to obsess about year round. Any takers? Would be on sleeper and we can all discuss a format we can agree on


I’d definitely be interested.

@mimontero88 on Sleeper

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Would definitely be interested in this. I’m @danstanimal on Sleeper.

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@Jpom on Sleeper

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Im down for sure @MattCrawley on Sleeper

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So far have you 4 and one private message so that makes 6 altogether. We want a 10, 12, or more league?
Will be making league on sleeper shortly so stay frosty

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I thin if we could get at least 12 that would be ideal


Definitely interested! Sleeper: oatw

Any initial thoughts on format?

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Ok so I’ve invited everyone who posted their names thus far, including the one person that PMd me. Waiting on another PM member name, and that will put us at 8

At 9 now, spots going quick

Down to 2 slots left

Hey how much and what type of Dynasty league is it? :slight_smile:

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None of that has been decided yet, but given the current circumstances I don’t think buy in will be anything crazy. Going to discuss format and rules as a whole once league is filled.

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robjerm on sleeper

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One slot left to whoever wants it

are you figuring your draft after NFL draft?

Draft itself will be held after NFL draft. Format and everything will be decided ASAP once league is filled

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I’ll give it a go @snarkpilot on sleeper

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Sent you an invite

Still looking for two more had people drop for personal reasons