Feed back on a trade! big money league

12 man full ppr

My team is
Qb - baker, dak
Rb - conner, David johnson, cohen, coleman, jaylen samuel
Wr - woods, edelman, djax, tate, marquise brown, E. Sander
Te - kelce

Just traded
Dak, edelman, cohen
Mahomes, lat. Murray, dj moore.

How did i make out?

It’s fairly even if you ask me but you probably won by a little bit because you get Mahomes and that is a big upgrade over Dak. I know Dak had a big day yesterday, but that won’t be something that happens every week like it seems to for Mahomes. I like Edelman more than Moore by a little bit, but with Brown coming in I think Edelman’s value takes a small hit making them closer than they were before. I like Cohen more than Murray in PPR, but if Murray takes Ingram’s role in NO then he is definitely a fine flex play, which is pretty much what Cohen is.

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