Feedback for draft

12 team PPR. I drafted from the 9th spot. 3rd draft this season and I feel like I did alright, especially considering my draft position.

Gibson and Carson I’m fine with as a rb duo. They’ll be pretty much as advertised fringe rb1s and gaskin as rb3/flex is nice too.

Obviously Kelce has te locked up on your roster, which makes me think Tonyan is a bit unnecessary. I think you should look to move him to a te needy team as he will only play once unless Kelce gets hurt.

Finally I’m really not satisfied with wr group. Golladay stands out as a high price risk but I also feel its too reliant on unproven options outside of Woods.

I hope I’m wrong but I think you should be looking to get wr help for Tonyan as outside of Woods and robby I’m not sure I want to trust them as guys I’ll need to rely on.

I will point out, as much as I like golladay I’m really wary of his situation with giants so maybe I’m being harsh on him

I completely agree on Golladay. At that point early/mid I didn’t like the RBs and I already had to higher end RBs and the other WRs weren’t great to me. I think I could have grabbed Andrews as another TE flex option.

Also my reaction is part due to the number of flex options in a ppr league. In my opinion that’s simply begging to be loaded at wr even if its slightly to the expense of rb.

Also could have grabbed Cupp instead of Bobby Trees but I’m not sure who will be the #1

Woods and Kupp is really a personal preference. I don’t think they’ll be huge different overall by season end. My preference is Woods but others might lean Kupp. Both wouldn’t be awful though depending on rest of roster.

Hopefully I wasn’t unduly harsh. It’s not bad I just feel i would have gone a different direction.

Not at all! I put it up to be judged. I agree. There is a low floor and high ceiling for my WR room. That 3rd pick was Carson and I could have gone WR but a lot of the top WRs were already picked up. Basically, I wouldn’t have gotten much higher than Bobby Trees by then

Carson at 3, I won’t complain with though. Its a huge value and given your 9th spot unlikely he came back

I am guessing that Robbie will have a good year. I’m a dolphins fan and remember seeing him when both teams sucked several years ago. That dude can play. I’m hoping the reunion with Darnold makes him the #1 and he starts going deep.
So yeah hoping a few of my WRs (at least 2) approach their ceiling vs hit the floor. LOL

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Parris Campbell does interest me especially if he’s the colts slot man. His injury record is worrying though. So I’d really rather he was bench depth.

Whenever a squad looks like it was drafted for a 16-team league, but then you find out it was for a 12-team league, you can look to the early TE pick as the reason. And yet time and time again, people try to justify Kelce in the first round to me…


Ok, let’s say Kelce gives you the same 150 PPR point advantage over the average TE (TE6.5) that he gave you last season…

I love Carson at his ADP (though I’m not so high on Gibson), and yes, at least one of them should finish among the top 10. But come on–they’re going to be competing with guys starting Aaron Jones and Najee Harris… or Henry and Mixon… or Barkley and Taylor… so your RBs are really only middle-of-the-pack. Let’s say you have RB11 and RB12, but someone else is starting RB7 and RB8. Using last year’s production, you’d have 414 total PPR points, and the other guy would have 482. So congrats, you just lost 70 points of your 150 point Kelce advantage–and your RBs aren’t even really BAD!

I also like Woods and Golladay. A lot. Golladay is INSANELY undervalued. Don’t get me started. Robby Anderson is a top 20 WR3, and I’m giving you credit for two top 15 WRs in Woods and Golladay for a solid 700 PPR points. Guys with Metcalf, Robinson and Brandin Cooks (WR7, WR9 and WR17 last year) are making 760. There’s another 60 points you lost (even if you have three top 20 WRs). Kelce’s advantage over the TE6 is now just 20 points–and less than that for the TE2-TE5.

Tannehill–QB7 last season with 350 points–loses 40 more points to the average of the top 5 QBs.

Parris Campbell? Dunno what everyone else’s WR4s look like, but I’m willing to bet that at least half the league has a better one here, too.

And you don’t really have a single player on your bench that is immediately startable–maybe Tre’Quan Smith? Maybe Singletary? So for all your starters’ bye weeks, you’re going to be losing a LOT more points at those positions. Frankly, there are probably better bye week subs on the waiver wire than there are on your roster.

The fact that your top 2 RBs share a Week 9 bye is just the olive on top of this sauerkraut sundae.

You’ve got some talented and underrated players, but all that went for naught the moment you picked Kelce in the 1st.