Feedback for dynasty start up

It’s a 10 man half point ppr Starters are 1 qb . 2 rbs .2 wrs. 1 flex. 1 kicker and 1 def
. Qbs: Kirk cousins.lamar Jackson, pat mahomes

RBs: Zeke,Christian mccafery, Derrick Henry, mark Ingram, kennith Dixon, nick Chubb, latavious Murray,chris Thompson, tj yeldon

Wr:Brandon cooks,Amari cooper, Allen hurns, jermain kerse, marquise lee,dj Moore, courtland Sutton, Davonte Parker

TE: even Ingram, trey burton

K: Dan Bailey

Def: bills

Overall I’d say a B.

Really like your RBs. Lots of question marks with your WRs (Cooks/Cooper/Hurns). But some nice upside guys too.

Yeah I didn’t do so well drafting receivers but since it is a dynasty league i do look into trading for a number 1 receiver eventually but I am comfortable with what I got for right now I got high hopes with DJ Moore Being the number in Carolina just gotta wait and see