Feedback on a different empire league

Hey footclan

Sorry for the long post but I would like to get some feedback on a new twist on an empire league I’ve been thinking about. The idea basically came to me because a league mate/ friend of mine are intrigued by empire leagues. But we don’t want to commit to another dynasty league.

If you don’t know what an empire league is, it’s a dynasty league that has a rolling pot from the buy in fees and the first to win back to back wins the rolling pot. Then the league ends.

So I started thinking of a redraft empire league. So far these are the basics of the league and what I want feedback on.

Defending champion
Can’t make any trades at any point in the season.
Only 1 FA pick up allowed after Faab waivers run Wednesday.
Gets extra FAAB budget over rest of league.
For the draft, has to pick 1 of 2 options

  1. Keep entire roster from championship team year before. (Players had to be rostered during ENTIRE playoff run)
  2. 1st pick in each round of re-draft. 1st, 13th, 25th ect. in a 12 team league. Rest of league would follow snake draft order.

Playoffs would be a survivor type. Lowest score gets eliminated each week.

So far we’re pretty intrigued by this because unlike dynasty empire leagues, it gives everyone a chance next year rather than mulityear rebuild. Am I on to something or are we missing some huge flaws? Looking forward to any feedback!