Feedback on my draft please

I am not feeling good about my team. All feedback is appreciated. I was the 4th pick, it was a weird draft, an example, Tom brady and Russell wilson went in the second round. (Not by me)

12 team ppr , qb- rb -rb -wr -wr -wr/rb/te - k- Dst

I drafted

Phillip Rivers
Alex Collins
Adam thielen
Larry Fitzgerald
Dion lewis
Jack doyle
Chris hogan
Robbie anderson
Kerryon johnson (8th round :slight_smile: )
Marquise Goodwin
Chris carson
Tyrod taylor (idk why, I guess I just didn’t want anyone else to have him)
Matt crosby
New orleans dst

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Any advice out there greatly appreciated

I actually kind of like this team. WRs are really strong - especially for PPR.

Given that you only need to start two WRs, I would try to bundle one with Dion or Carson and see if you can get another RB in return.

Thank you!

I like it. Solid receivers, not the RBs I’d be in love with but I think this is a solid start to the season my friend.

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I have some very important advice for you- take another look at your roster cause it’s the bees knees.

You have solid depth at RB and WR. I would try to move some of that depth for a higher tier RB though, see if you can lock down someone with recieving upside considering Collins won’t get that. I’d maybe try to move Collins+a WR for a better RB. Love Lewis this year BTW.

Oh and do yourself a favor and check you waiver wire, drop your kicker defense and Tyrod for some RB handcuffs (for other peoples RBs mainly. ESPECIALLY CHRIS IVORY (Shadys cuff)). You dont need a second QB and you should stream K and DST based on matchup. If you hit on one of those RBs because of injury you could have yourself a powerhouse squad.
Last year my buddy got Hunt off the waiver wire before Ware went down. Stuff like that happens, and you want it to happen to you.

Good luck bro

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