Feel like my season is over

Guys I’m just not having any luck this year. I’ll post my roster and any help is much appreciated

Half ppr

Wr-dj Moore, diggs, Lockett, gage, Ruggs, Higgins
Rb-Ceh, jacobs, Gibson, Kelley
Te-Andrew’s, engram
K- Gonzalez

Anything helps guys thank you

Uh how is your season over? Are you just fishing for compliments? What’s your record? That’s a great team.

So, if I had that team- I be on the look out for more RB depth. I sell high on DJ Moore. Maybe grabbing a low end RB2 with high end potential. Maybe Henderson. Maybe offer DJ Moore and Kelley for someone like David Montgomery. Maybe the same deal for James Robinson.
Really have to look at the make up of other teams.
You could sell high on Jackson and really get something. Maybe trading for Cook right now that he’s hurt or even a lower rated RB and a QB.

One thing for sure, I get rid of Bills defense. Maybe keep them for this week- not a great match up I know, but def hold for next week when they play the Jets. After that though, just stream. Play the match ups and don’t feel forced to start a defense because they’re “good.”

Good luck, dude. Think you’ll be fine.

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Your team is definitely good. I’d be tempted to try move engram if he has a good game. Take it one game at a time and don’t worry about overall and I’ll bet you suddenly find that you’re not only having fun but you’re in playoffs

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I’m 1-4… but thanks guys!

Dude, one year I want 2-6. I started 0-4. Made some moves, paid attention to waivers- snuck in playoffs and got the championship. I think Jason Moore did the same thing last year- or was it the year before? Either way, don’t give up- that team will start clicking soon but always find ways to improve your team.

Good call on Engram.

Trade Jackson for a number one running back and pick up Fitz-Magic or Herbert

Trade Engram, Jackson, and CEH. CEH is about to see less action, Jackson, just ain’t Jackson, You already have Andrews so you don’t need Engram. With those names you should be able to get a top notch RB, and a solid receiver. Then just watch the injuries and pick up potential stars. You do need someone to couple with Jacobs.