Feelin' Lucky

I just got offered Corey Davis for Andrew Luck in Dynasty PPR. Here’s my top QB/WRs:

Andrew Luck
Jameis Winston
Russell Wilson

Mike Evans
Juju SS
Amari Cooper
Marvin Jones
John Brown
DK Metcalf
Anthony Miller

Roster is 1 starting QB and 3 starting WRs.

I felt like lunging and taking this trade, but I’m generally conservative/scared when it comes to trades. I think Luck is a top 5 Dynasty QB. I rank Corey Davis around Metcalf and Miller… Do I increase WR capital for those 3 starting spots? It’s a steep price. He also has AB…

Please help!!

Based on your roster you are trading a top 5 QB for a WR5. I would stick to Luck even though you look good at QB and try and get more for him if you believe that Corey Davis can break out. It is his 3rd year, however on a run first offense with bad QB play (that won’t be getting better this year) I don’t see it as very likely.

Thanks for the response man! That’s some good insight. I will consider.