Feeling a bit of buyers remorse

so i need to feel better about a trade i made, at first it felt good but now i feel as if i could of got more from him…i traded waller for josh gordon. My recievers are hill, hardman, j brown, and kirk… and have ertz also… im sitting 0-3 due to AB screwing, connor not performing and hill going down, so i needed to try something. Overall was it a good trade for my team? No going back just need cheered up lol thanks footclan

Tbh the value looks even to me. Maybe Gordon gets going later on but havinbt a solid TE like Waller is great. I would look at Flipping Waller or maybe dealing Ertz to upgrade another position but having two great TEs isn’t bad.

I think he traded away Waller for Josh Gordon. I might be reading it wrong though…

@fisher30 the trade is fine. Sure Waller is good but realistically you aren’t going to play him over Ertz ever and it is hard to get extreme value for a TE unless he is Kittle, Gronk (in prime) type talent. You got a good WR on a great offense for your backup TE, I think you did fine.

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