Feeling blessed

My starters are set as :slight_smile:


Trouble with flex Constantly though. I have the luxury of playing these few and I want to trade someone for more depth at WR.
Chubb, James White, breida, Cohen. This is a non ppr leauge, who should I keep on board and constantly flex?

how in the heck did you get gurley and kamara

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Traded Michael Thomas for kamara after Ingram had his fluke lol

Oh so you won this year already.


Lol 10-0 so far. Yikes, I just wanna know who to flex to up the points more haha

Nice RB combo. I traded for Gurley in a league and already had Melvin Gordon and James Conner. It’s a nice luxury lol. But why not flex Chubb? I’d consider him a back-end RB1 ROS.

Better be careful championship week. Gurley and Kamara might be sitting.

Oh wait, Chubb and White- you’ll probably be fine!