Feeling discouraged

When you have a monster team, lose players to injuries, formulate trades to keep a monster team and have a bust or two every week, your opponents have their best weeks against you and are currently 2-4.

My starting line up in standard scoring is.
QB: Wentz
RB1: Bell
RB2: Kareem Hunt
RB3: Ajayi
WR1: Aj Green
WR2: Michael Thomas
WR3: Michael Crabtree
TE: Ertz
FLEX: Jerrick McKinnon
K: Elliot
DEF: Jags

Bench: kamara, Miller, Hilton, ivory, mixon, fuller

My team on fantasypros is ranked miles ahead of the rest of the league, yet I’m 2-4. Just venting I guess.

Your team is Juiced, just keep trucking and you’ll win a championship

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I’ve lost David Johnson and dalvin cook. I’m the most active on waivers and adding people before waivers. I formulate trades with players that are hyped and have good weeks with a lot of 2 for 1 trades to increase overall team strength. All 4 of my losses have been by less than 5 points. Last week I lost by 3 points. The guy I went against averages 80 points a week and the week against me he accumulated 135 points.

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Think that’s bad? I lost 135… to 198. Don’t even go there with me lmao

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198!?!? Are you ppr?

Yup . I was 5-0 going in , got destroyed by Texans d McKinnon Thompson brown, and co

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I’m standard scoring so 135 is a strong week. My girlfriend that’s new to fantasy is 5-1 :frowning:


Also I would rather lose and be 5-1 than be projected to win every week and lose because diggs gets me .4 in week 5. Thomas and hilton got me a combined 3 points week 6.

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