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Feelings on Gronk


Feelings on getting gronk and when would you draft him??


I like him this year; I think he’ll be healthy and have a great season. With that said, I would not take him until the late second round at earliest which by then will be too late for most leagues unfortunately. So I won’t likely have many shares of Gronk this season.


Not sure why you would count on him being healthy the whole year…

That being said his current ADP is 20th overall, which is a good value with his upside.


In the ballers last podcast, they were doing a 10 team mock drafting from 1.01. They took him on the 2-3 turn and I think that’s a good spot. I personally wouldn’t take him in the 2nd round but if he fell to me in the 3rd round, I’d feel good pulling the trigger on him then.


Actually they took him with last pick in 2nd. The discussed the semantics of 3rd round vs 2nd in that spot.

That said, Gronk can absolutely win weeks that RBs and WRs at the end of rd 2 probably can’t.


Like I said, the 2-3 turn. By what I meant about not taking him in the 2nd round is that if I had a middle pick in that round, I wouldn’t take Gronk that high.


Yeah I got him in a league at the 2nd to third turn and feel pretty good about the upside there.


first time buyer here, in 2 leagues, he was there in the 3rd, couldn’t resist, with Brady’s binky out (Edleman), Gronk will get his, as long as he can stay on the field