Few money leagues with one spot left in each

Few leagues with one spot left

  1. 20 team gullitone league 21 dollar buy in on leaguesafe, each week one team gets eliminated from the league, top 3 get paid, slow draft starting Tuesday august 24th 8 hour per pick. Hard to get 20 ppl together at one time. Faab for waivers

  2. 12 team 50 dollar buy in, unique rule, not h2h instead each week top 6 scoring teams get a win bottom 6 get a loss. Top 3 get paid out. Reverse standings for waivers. Draft Saturday august 28th fast draft

All leagues on sleeper if ur interested comment with the number (1,2,3) and ur sleeper username

I might be interested in league 1, but I have a question before I want to commit - what are the league settings, format, and details for league 1?

Sleeper ID: @TechMonster31