Few spots for 12 team 0.5 PPR league on Sleeper

Looking for dedicated and active owners willing to not only be in a league, but be part of a community all year long. This league has been going on for about 10 years already, but always have to replace a few owners every year. We’re looking for people to stay for the long haul. As of now it’s a re-draft league, but open to any changes if a majority of the league agrees. The buy in is only $25, as most of us play for the fun and competitive nature of the league anyways. If interested please reply and i can send you a link to the league and we can discuss any rules you have questions about. Thanks for y’alls time and good luck to everyone this year!

I’d be interested in details

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Cool, are you on the sleeper app and i can send you a link.

Yes. jimmyshakes is my id

sent invite, we can communicate through the app if you’d like

Interested. SleeperID bosot13

sent invite

Interested in details. Sleeper app ID is @lyfonair

sent invite

Hey Mugs- if you’ve got any spots left I’m definitely interested. Sleeper ID is @MWags0257.

Just got back from a lil run my bad man, gonna send an invite now

@Mugz are there any spots open? My sleeper ID is @SpaceBear84.

You have any more spots open?

have spots still?

I’m interested in joining and would like to participate. My email is bellios22@gmail.com.
Phil Bellios

Bonjour! If you want a Canadian is love to play!!!