FF Ballers - Start Up Dynasty League

Hi all,

I’m looking to start a dynasty league with the below rules. Shoot me your email if you’re interested.

  • 12 team .5 point per reception, 6 points per passing TD
  • $20 buy in 1st ($140) , 2nd ($80), 3rd ($20). Money will be held at League Safe.
  • 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1TE, 4 FLEX, 15 Bench, 1 IR
  • 25 round startup slow draft on Flea Flicker, randomized order when all league members have joined.
  • Blind bid auction for free agents. $100 budget, $0 bets are allowed.
  • 3 divisions. Division winners and next best 3 records make the playoffs.
  • Subsequent years Rookie Draft: 4 rounds snake, based on reverse standings order. The 6 teams who did not make the playoffs will have their standings order locked.
  • Taxi Squad will be added after year 1, 2 spots.
  • Week 11 trade deadline, will re-open after the Superbowl for the off season.
  • Slack will be used as a message board for the league

Send your email address if you’re interested, if I’m missing anything we can hash it out as a league.


I’m in!

You had me at slow draft!! I’m in!


What host site are you planning on using? Flea Flicker?

Yeah, I have it set up for Flea Flicker


I’m in as well at wsmallwood1300@gmail.com and I have a friend as well at mbearde3@gmail.com if you have space!

Great, I’ve sent everyone an invite who has replied. Still some open spots!

Im in,

Still have a few spots open, anyone interested post their email and I’ll get an invite sent out!

I messaged you on Flea Flicker as well.

Peter Klinkner: peterklinkner@gmail.com , he was having trouble replying on here and wanted added.

I’m in rtvlcmguy@yahoo.com

Awesome, just sent out both invites.



Sent the invite! Only 2 spots remaining

I’m interested! Mikesteinert21@yahoo.com

I’m interested if you still have room!