FF Noob, Team Advice Please

Hi everyone. I just joined the foot clan today, but I’ve been a podcast listener for a while. This is my first season of playing fantasy football in over a decade, and I’d love some advice on where to go from here. Currently I’m at 1-3 with one of my losses coming though I scored the second-highest points in the league. Oh well.

League is non-PPR, 12 teams in 2 divisions, with this roster: QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, W/R/T, K, DEF, BN, BN, BN, BN, IR.

Here’s my team going into week 5: R. Wilson (QB); K. Benjamin (WR); D. Amendola (WR); M. Gordon (RB); J. Allen (RB); E. Engram (TE); M. Lynch (W/R/T); T. Montgomery (BN); G. Tate (BN); C. Wentz (BN); G. Gano (K); Pittsburgh (DEF); Ravens (BN); C. Fiedorowicz (IR)

I appreciate your thoughts on where I might improve.

Try and trade lynch and allen for a better rb

First thing I noticed you have a second defense on the bench, and a second QB on the bench. With only 4 bench spots I think you should replace those with a RB or WR. With such shallow rosters, I imagine there is a lot of value sitting on the waiver wire right now that you should be taking advantage of.
So I would pay attention to schedule and matchups, and stream those positions.