Fielding offers for studs

I have been getting a ton of offers for Davante Adams and he is having a great season with one of the best talents throwing him the rock. I don’t want be that guy that says give me the world for him but honestly I would need to fill the huge hole at Wr1 he leaves and upgrade another position significantly to even think about it. Is a high end Wr2 and low end Rb1 fair?

I would not trade down unless: I had a terrible record forcing me into a must win scenario AND had a lot of holes to fill on my roster.

I am not in a must win scenario at 5-3, but my roster has me concerned. With Melvin Gordon being iffy (cohen, white, A jones behind him) and a very unstable wr core behind Adams (Jones jr, Watkins, Shepard, t. Williams) I probably need to make moves. The only people drawing interest are Ertz and Adams.

I was thinking of trying to package some lower tier players to get better pieces

From my experience if you want to move lower tier players, you’ll need to pursue trades by opening up talks with owners in must win situations and lots of bye week holes to fill, basically offer a win for + a solid-solidish replacement for a stud. I was able to buy 2 studs in my league this year doing this, hopefully the bad teams in your league are open to trading. Don’t forget to complement them on their team if you think they’ve just had bad luck and say things like: “your team is too good to not make playoffs…”