Fight club thread

who would win in a fight, Khalil Mack or JJ Watt?

Keep these competitions going!

Both at their current state? I think I’d go with Mack…

Thats a great fight. I think mack wins this.

watt hands down. he’s got a 3rd degree black belt

Are there any rules? or is this They Live style and it’s just a brawl?

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JJ watt cause he has 50 lbs on him…

Chandler Jones or Authur Jones - In the Octagon.

Let’s put Danielle Hunter into the mix

Eli Manning or Case Keenum? TLC match. (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs).

Eli. He’s quiet and controlled, but i’d like to see him come unhinged.

I want to see him vs Derek Carr in a loser wears a diaper and sucks on a baby bottle match. Instead of first blood it could be first tear shed loses.

Or who has the better “deer in headlights” facial expression.

Shhh… That’s the pre match ‘stare down’ you will ruin the surprise!

I’d love to see Rob Gronkowski vs. Ben Roethlisberger in a spelling contest, THEN a bare-knuckle boxing match.

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One round spelling bee.

Spell your oponent’s last name is the only question.


street brawl

Arthur jones forsure!

How about al ALL KICKER BATTLE ROYALE! Which kicker would be the last one standing??

I think i’d have my money on Janikowski

Gano says welcome to the GUN SHOW!

Mack for sure