Figuring out Buy-In and Pay-Out with US and Canadian Owners

Okay, this is new to me (running a league with both US and Canadian owners) and I don’t like math. Hopefully someone can offer some suggestions.

Straight forward PPR league with 12 owners (this is is insignificant). Our buy-in is $50.00 USD. How does that work for the Canadian owners in our league? How much should they pay in CD?

And then, in our league winner takes all for the charity/non-profit of their choice. I.E. If it was a US owner who won, they’d get $600 USD. What about the Canadians?


Are you using LeagueSafe for collecting and dispersing dues? If so it handles the conversion for you.

I typically use LeagueSafe, but since we’re having the winner take all and it’s going to charity, I wasn’t a fan of LeagueSafe taking a cut of that.

What platform are your using?

In that case, choose a date to submit league fees.

On that day go to Google to do the conversion. Have any Canadians confirm they are sending the US equivalent of your league fees.

Payout is easy. It just the whole pie.