*FILLED* 1 spot - 10-team, 6-keeper, .5 PPR league

I am looking to fill one more spot in my 10-team, 6-keeper, .5 PPR league. I had three total orphaned teams. 2 spots have been filled. Once I fill the final spot, there will be a random draw to assign each new owner one of the of full orphaned teams from last season. Once that happens, trading will open for a few weeks with final keeper selection about a week before the draft. You are able to keep 4 WR/RB (min 1 at each) 1 QB, and 1 at any other position. You are able to keep a player for a maximum of 4 years with no round penalty. Buy in is $60. For more details, please email me at jonortman@gmail.com. I can email the full bylaws.