FILLED - $100/year 12-Team DYNASTY PPR Startup - Superflex Sleeper League

8/12 spots currently filled - need 4 more.

Team structure is - QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/Flex/Flex/Superflex + 15 Bench/ 5 IR (due to COVID-19)/ 5 Taxi

Cost details:
League fees are $100 per year with a minimum of 2 years paid upfront yearly through payment site Teamstake. Fees are required to be paid by March each year and any non payment of fees will be taken as an owner abandoning their team for a new owner, it is not the responsibility of the Commissioners to chase up league fees. Future draft pick trading will require that year paid in full in Teamstake or the trade will be reversed (eg. Trade 2024 2nd, 2024 Teamstake needs to be paid).

Draft: Slow Draft.
Initial start-up is a combined vets and rookies draft - draft will start once everyone has paid 2022 and 2023. Draft will be on an 8 hour clock to start with then depending on how the draft is going the clock will be reduced in the later rounds. Draft order will be randomised 3 times with the final option being the draft order we go with.

If interested, leave your Sleeper ID and the Commish will drop you a note in the app.

My buddy and I are interested. Our sleeper tags are @SiggySmallz and @DLion88

@Balty on sleeper

Looking for a Dynasty Startup. My ID is @Dom28

jks1624 sleeper id

I might be interested if you still have spots. have you written the by-laws etc? sleeperid is @theriverbedpt7

League is filled, thanks.