(Filled) 12 man, Sleeper, Newbie Dynasty Startup

12-team Dynasty startup on Sleeper with friends who have man years of redraft experience but are new to dynasty! Looking for active members primarily, but also a big plus if you are new to Dynasty as well! If you are part of a group looking to find a startup, look no further! Have 5-7 spots available.

Rules are not final and open to negotiation. Will likely be around ~$100 buy-in. Current settings (again, not confirmed and open for negotiation):

FullPPR, 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 FLEX, 1 SUPERFLEX, 18 Bench/Taxi

If you’re interested send me a message!


I would be interested. I sent you a DM.

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I’m interested been playing fantasy for many years but this would be my first dynasty league.

Would love to join!!! Cfcbvbasr13 is sleeper name. klmcdaniel@arizona.edu is email.

Hey, im interested! Also new to dynasty but want to get into it! My sleeper is : dylansharpe

I’m interested sleeper is P90Preston

I would be interested let me know if there is still space.

Sleeper is nicksk90 I’m in if you have spots left still