FILLED!. 12 team .5 PPR Redraft openings. $75-$100 entrees

I run 4 annual 12 team .5 PPR redraft leagues ON SLEEPER. There is 1-2 openings in each league. .

Drafts will be slow drafts starting sometime late August. Money is handled through leaguesafe.

$100 leagues

$100 league
1st $660 (55%)
2nd $300 (25%)
3rd $120 (10%)
Bonuses $120 (10%)
Weekly High scores weeks 1-14. $7 per week. ($98).
#1 seed for playoffs ($22).

The $100 leagues has a different feature where each week we play H2H and against the median.

$75 league

1st $495 55%
2nd $225 25%
3rd $90 10%
Bonuses 10%
Weekly high score weeks 1-14 $70
($5 each week)
#1 Seed $20

Email me Please say what league your interested in.


Emailed you about joining

@ghettocowboy on sleeper

wanting to join $75 league. emailed you as well

Just emailed! Interested in either league, but more so the $100

Just emailed! Ready to join the $100 league.
Sleeper @jbergman15


Leagues are full. It was hard to keep everyone in order with the surplus of emails. Some leagues i over invited and it became 1st come 1st serve. Thanks for replys. Those who emailed, if people back out late. Ill know where to look.