Filled-12 team Ballers Scoring


I’m putting together a free sleeper league with ballers scoring (1/2 ppr) and we still have some spaces. So far it’s just other people who’ve posted in the forums looking for a cheap/free league. Let me know if you’re interested!

I’d be happy to join. My sleepers id is 0zymandias

I’d be interested if there is space. Ellen207 is my sleeper name. Thanks!!

I’m interested in joining, Sleeper name is mhanson2016

Invites have been sent through sleeper!

Cdoconnor sleeper ID

Sounds fun~

Sleeper id, bosot13

Anyone else interested?

I’m down, sleeper ID is @SpaceBear84

Bonjour! Any room left?
SleeperID : Shmottz

We’ve alway got room for a space bear and a schmottz! Invites sent!

I would be interested! My sleeper ID is jjrob29

im interested! my sleeper id is StevenP1991

Interested my sleeper Id is conord99

Let me know if there is still room in your league or if you want to join mine. I have two with available spots. A 12 team and 16 team. FREE league btw

Ya I’m interested in the 12 team

I’d join the 12 team