Filled - 12 Team Redraft League - Ballers Preferred Settings - Draft tonight. 2 Spots Left!

Hey foot clan! I’m considering putting together a redraft league on sleeper based on the ballers preferred settings seen in this link:

If there’s enough interest, we can draft tonight! Hoping to get a good group of foot clan members together. If there’s interest and the league is a good time, we can we can consider the transition to keeper next year just as the ballers do. Let me know your thoughts! Feel free to message on here or send me a DM @xKO on sleeper!

Interested in playing - sleeper ID is ehausamann7
Might be easier to post link to join league on this thread.

Hey kowens24, my dad and I are interested in co-owning a team. sleeper profile is ‘LifeisRuff’. Got a link to the league? Redraft only though, not looking to get into a dynasty this year. Let me know!


sleeper name is bencross1212 and I’m interested in playing if you want to send an invite.

Hey Kowens24, I’d be interested in joining if there are open spots still. Sleeper name is DanielleHuntersArms

I’m interested. sleeper wfoster2

sleeper link? sleeper - 36chambers

I’m in if it is not full. Sleeper id GunsUp2010