FILLED $50 - 10 Team - Full PPR - Start-up with 2 Keepers

Yahoo Fantasy League / PPR / League Safe

I’m starting a 2 keeper startup league. We are looking for 7 people that love fantasy football as much as we do. Im trying to find serious fantasy football players out there who are willing to commit week after week. Participate in waivers, trades and of course some trash talk! Serious but fun! We love to see trades, so draft pick trading is absolutely allowed.

2 Keepers and Draft Pick Trading!!

10 Teams, 1 Division.
Draft is September 2nd 2020 at 9pm EST (This may change).

1 QB
2 RB
3 WR
1 TE
1 Kicker
6 Bench Spots
2 IR Slots (I do not normally like this but Covid and all makes it necessary)

Continuous Rolling Waiver system: so you do not have to worry about us nerds getting to someone first

$50 dollar buy-in. Utilizing League Safe for Payouts.

1st place wins $300
2nd place wins $150
3rd Place wins $50

If your interested, send or post a message that includes your email for Yahoo Fantasy League! Bonus points for messages with interesting reasons on why I should pick you.


looking to join

I am interested, I have been doing redraft leagues for 7 seasons going into 8th.

I would love to join this league. The 3 leagues I’m in have cancelled because of Covid, so I need a new home. I’m super competitive, not an asshole and not easily offended by shit talking. I’ll take the 10th pick in the first round, I don’t give a fuck, better than not having a league at all.

Email I use for my yahoo leagues is:

Invite sent guys! NO GUFF

I would love to join if you still have a spot. My friends from college have been pretty flaky this year and they don’t have the same passion I do for fantasy football. I would love to join a league where everyone is 100% invested.

Invite sent!

Good Morning, I am very interested in joining and have been an active fantasy player (Footballer and Spitwad!) for the past couple years. My home league is active, but does not trade/utilize waivers as competitively as I would like. Would love to join if there’s space! email:

Is this league full? I clicked the link and it says it’s full. If so no worries, I was late to check my email.

I’m interested, if spots are still available.:smiley:

Looking to join. I have 2 kids under 4, a dog, working from home, and need as much fantasy as possible to get a break lol!

Im in