(FILLED) 6 Managers for Free Startup Dynasty so far

Hello myself and 2 other friends are looking for a free startup dynasty league as we all very interested in trying it out finally after 10 years of re-drafts.


If you start one up my buddy and I would be interested in joining

I would be interested in joining as well. Long time re-drafter, never been a part of Dynasty, and I need something like this in my life.

Awesome yes if if comes to it I don’t mind just starting one either. With your responses look like that would make 6 so far. Hopefully we can get some more.

I’d join up, too. I’ve been doing redraft only for about 5 years and have wanted to give dynasty a try for fun.

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Got 7 so far. Feeling like once we hit 10 we should be good?

Is there anyone that really wants to be the Commish for this?? If so please feel free. Otherwise any suggestions on league setup is welcome as I’m kind of winging it here. Any familiar with some standard settings for startup?

I’m down to join. Never been in a dynasty and am down to start one

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Here is the League Invite for those that want to join

Interested in making it a 12 man ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Interested if this is still on the board.

I’m also interested if there’s a spot available!
I’ve only done redraft and just started a dynasty this year and it’s been a lot of fun. Wouldn’t mind sharing what we did for our league.