Filled and Closed

After my keeper league of 10 years dissolved, I decided to startup a Dynasty League. We have 8 slots still available. Posting the pertinent details below.

Startup Draft is on September 2nd at 5:30pm. Going to setup a meetup location for anyone in the KC area.

Using Sleeperbot App
LeagueSafe for funds.

Roster Construction
W/R/T Flex
W/R/T Flex
W/T Flex
12 Bench
4 Taxi Squad (2 year)
2 IR

$200 FAAB
No kicker or defense

Scoring is standard with .5 point PPR


First season, $250 goes into Empire Budget and $150 is withheld for Free Entry Winnings
Payouts for first year are:
1st: $150 and Free Entry
2nd: $50 and Free Entry
3rd: Free Entry

All future years
1st: $300 and Free Entry
2nd: $100 and Free Entry
3rd: Free Entry
$50 withheld toward Empire

The Empire Bonus will be paid out when someone wins back to back years. is my email. Hit me up if you have any questions or if you’re interested.

Got a couple emails about it. I guess I forgot to mention. The initial draft is snake draft. Rookie draft is in inverse order of previous year’s finish.

How is this going?
Still have spots open?
How many?


4 spots remaining. I’ll update the title as well.

Im so down! I sent you an email!

Sent you an email. Welcome aboard!

hey im interested if you have any spots left!

I’m interested

Any spots left?

Sent BgalBasin an email for our final slot. If any fall through, I will let the next in line know! Thank you all!