[Filled] Looking for New Sleeper Users for a Family/Friend Redraft League

I moved my free family/friend league to Sleeper to:

  • move to a better platform (from ESPN) and
  • take advantage of their promotional $100 giveaway to the league winner

However, I am also looking to expand this league from 8 to 12 and plan to make this a paid league from next year. Therefore, I am looking for additional Managers.

If you are looking for a free redraft league for some fun, will be a totally new user on Sleeper, and want a chance to win $100, please DM me.

Interested! @sparty06

Cool you can join here Sleeper

Are you a new user, like signed up this week?

Interested, this is my first year on sleeper. Looking forward to the season!

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Great thanks for joining.

I’ll join if you need someone still. Joined sleeper earlier this year if that works. ID is Griimmjow