FILLED! Need 5 Players, PPR, $55! Buy-In

Had a ten team last year, keeping our 7 best owners and looking to fill the last 3-5 spots (would love to be a 12 team league this year).

Top 3 spots paid
Champion wins a belt

I’m not the commissioner, just helping us fill out the league if any wants to jump in. I’m pretty sure we used League Safe last year.

I’m interested,

I’m interested!

I would be interested,

I am interested, my sleeper ID is dewmanwv247

Great! I’ll be sending out emails soon

We’re on ESPN - shoot me your email and I’ll send you an invite

Buddy.teambringit@gmail if you still have an opening

55!!! Let’s do this!

I’m interested,

I’m interested. My Email is

Hey Caleballen, I thought the league was in sleeper, my bad … I want to keep my teams in the same app so I can be as active as possible … sorry.

I am interested if there is room, sounds super fun!

here is my e-mail:

I’m interested too if there is still room!

Thanks everyone! I think we have more than enough now.