FILLED - Start Up Superflex Dynasty League - 12 Teams - .5 ppr - $50 Buy In - LeagueSafe

12 Team Dynasty Start-Up - .5 PPR - Superflex - $50 Entry

Hey! My name’s Josh! The goal for this league is to be very competitive, active, and fun year-long! Please reply with your sleeper username and maybe a brief explanation or example of your passion for fantasy football!

Brief description of myself. I’m 25, and I’ve been playing fantasy football since I was 9 years old lol. I’ve been the commissioner of many leagues. I went to school for Sport Management, and I’m currently in 2 dynasty leagues, but neither are superflex, which is why I’m excited about this, as it’s something I’ve wanted to do for years! My friend and I are already in, so there’s 10 spots available!

If there’s enough interest here, I’ll start DM’ing you all on sleeper in the coming days with an invite to the league! I’d love to really develop a community here, so ideally we decide on an app to use like discord to create a great environment for the league to communicate!

Payout Structure:

  1. Entry Fee: $50 (12 teams = $600 pot) – using LeagueSafe to distribute and gather funds
  2. 1st Place= $300
  3. 2nd Place= $150
  4. Bonus: Highest Scoring Team in Regular Season= $50
  5. Bonus: Team with Most Individual Weeks as the Highest Scoring Team= $50
  6. Bonus: Team with Most Points Scored Against Them= $50

The bonuses are to give everyone a decent chance to at least break even on the season while still providing significant upside for the best teams in the league to win + have multiple bonuses to get a big pay day. And it’s fun lol


  1. 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 3 FLEX, 1 Superflex – 15 Bench – 3 IR – no taxi squad (I’m up for debating roster sizes if the league wants to vote on that)


  1. Half PPR and 4 points per passing TD – the rest is standard scoring


  1. The league will be on Sleeper


  1. 12 Teams
  2. 6 teams make playoffs
  3. FAAB waiver system – $200 year long faab budget

Start-Up Draft:

  1. Start up draft will be very soon (ideally within the next week or two) – it’s a snake draft – includes rookies to simply the process - and draft order will be randomly determined in the sleeper app

Rookie Draft Order:

  1. I’ve been in leagues with a variety of rookie draft order formats, but the best I’ve ever seen to encourage a competitive league from start to finish of the season is based on the reverse standings of the playoff results starting with the winner of the consolation bracket. This is to encourage competitive play all the way to the end of the consolation tournament.

  2. The order goes: 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 2nd, 1st — the reason it goes this way is to encourage competitive play from every single playoff match until the end of the season. So getting 3rd place is the best case scenario outside of getting paid to be in the championship game.

Other random notes:

  1. There are no trade vetoes – the only case that is considerable is if there is potential thought of extreme collusion in trades – it would require a unanimous vote (besides the two who are making the trade) – I hope it never would ever come to this though lol (in all other leagues I’ve been in, there’s never been anything like this at all, so I highly doubt it lol)

  2. Rules changes would require a supermajority vote (8-4) to pass

Hey Josh! I’m super interested in the league and really appreciate the detailed rules. I’m Kyle from Portland, OR. I’ve been playing dynasty in 2 home leagues for a few years and I’m also looking to expand into new leagues & formats. My sleeper name is Slyboots503.

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Hey wassup, I am Kevin and from Maryland. I just turned 30 and have been playing fantasy football for 10+ years. I am commissioner of 2 redraft leagues each year and have played in the megalabowl past 2 years. I am really interested in playing in a dynasty league and came here cause I cannot find enough interest in home leagues. Thank you for putting this thing together.

Sleeper name is oopsashart

AnyGiv3nSunday on sleeper. I’d love to join if you still have room?

I’m in if theres still room. Clarky8959 on Sleeper

Hey everyone! Thanks for replying so far! I posted this in the ballers discord as well and it looks like we’ve got about 7-8 people very interested so far in total! So we’re looking for like 4 or 5 more and then we can get it going!

Hey josh, if there’s still room I’d be down to join - I’m currently in one dynasty league but I’ve always wanted to try super flex.

My sleeper account is: trohern
If spots are available, im always very active and my schedule is very flexible for draft times

What’s good
Very interested in joining if there is still room
@backin82 or backin82 on Sleeper

Hey Josh. I’m Christian from Copenhagen, Denmark. Very interested in joining your league. I’m currently in two dynasty-leagues but looking to expand.
I’m Lunderen on Sleeper

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Someone saw this post and sent me a message on sleeper. He’s interested in joining, but he can’t reply because he’s not a footclan member. His Sleeper name is MichaelH7

@janner on sleeper. I’m an active owner who likes to try different strategies in all my leagues. My biggest weakness is I like to trade A LOT

JTpanda on sleeper if there is still a spot

Hey, if still space would love to get involved. Sleeper ID: oji3001

Im Owen(31), From London in UK, been doing, been doing redrafts with my European based friends for last 3 years and am getting into Dynasty formats for the 1st time this year. Cant wait to get involved this year on this front.

@danblais13 Will join today if there is still a spot. Thanks,

Any spots left? Sleeper is BlueMonkey.

If theres any spots left id love to join up. @brandonb93 on sleeper. Been looking for a good league full of people that are as crazy about FF as i am. Ive never done a superflex league before so this would be an awesome experience

Hi Josh. My name is Grant and I live in Houston. Originally from Baton Rouge, which is why I’m a Saints fan. Really like how detailed you are and it seems like you know what you’re doing. I’ve been in redraft leagues since I was in high school. Thought it was time to give dynasty a try. I’m excited to start this journey with everyone! Please let me know if there are still spots available. My sleeper name is @Doobz93. Thanks

If you still have room I’d love to be part of this league! My sleeper tag is DWreck22. Thanks