Filled. Starting up a new Superflex Dynasty league! $20dollar buy in

Looking for Individuals who want to have fun, like trading, and engaging in the league all season and off-season. 12 teams and $20dollar buy in. This is a standard snake draft format and looking to draft right after league is full. 100 FAAB in the off-season and then resets to another 100 FAAB in the season. Rookie Draft will be start in the 2023 offseason following the draft. Also completely open to any ideas or adjustments that are thrown my way. Again looking to start an interactive league. Roster formation:
1 QB
15 deep bench
5 Taxi squad

6point passing QB scoring league
.5 ppr

Drafting on sleeper so put your sleeper names below and I will send the invite! Excited to start this up, look forward to meeting y’all!

how many teams are you going to be using? 10, 12, etc?

My bad forgot to put that in the post. Updated it now it’s a 12 team with 20 dollar buy in

no worries lol. Any idea if you are doing a slow draft or fast draft or are you going to put it to a vote?

I liked to join this league!

ShaneDB23 is my sleeper name

It would be up for vote. Ideally I would like a fast draft, but I also know that is hard for individuals so we would put it to a vote

Sent the invite shane

We are 3 that can join.


Looking forward to join the league

If you decide to go slow draft I will go in, even if its just a 1-2 hour clock

Hey Cory I don’t see why that would be an issue. That would probably make more sense for a draft so big, but again I’ll see what the league thinks right now and let you know

Cool Im

Looks like we are doing a slow draft John if you are interested

Need anymore players?

Sleeper I’d Soccerfoul26 if you have room

For sure man just invited you!

need more players?

Is the league full?