*Filled* Startup MyFantasyLeague.com dynasty superflex $25 entry fee

Hey guys. I’m thinking of starting a dynasty league on MyFantasyLeague.com that’s going to be superflex. I’m still drafting bylaws as I’m new to superflex. Thus, I hope there are some that want to come and learn with me.

Please email ffchamporbust@gmail.com and indicate superflex as I’m filling another dynasty league.

Do not post here. I’m working on my master’s thesis, drafting leagues and going on job interviews. I’m seriously going to forget to check the boards.
Email ffchamporbust@gmailcom with the word superflex in the subject.

Thanks and hope to hear from you all.

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I’ve completed the bylaws for this new league and am now actively recruiting. Please email ffchamporbust@gmail.com for the bylaws.