FILLED - Superflex Dynasty Startup 10 team - Looking for 7 more teams

Looking to start up a new dynasty league with active and involved players. It would be 0.5PPR and Superflex. 6pt passing td. Everything else should be normal scoring.

  • Roster = 1QB/ 2RB/ 3WR/ 1TE/ 2FLEX/ 1SFLEX/ 18BENCH (28 total active roster + 5 taxi + 5 IR)
  • Start-up draft is somewhat of a hybrid that I have been a part of in the past. I feel like it has been a success. It’d be a 15 round auction draft followed by a supplemental 15 round snake draft. I have a league constitution for more questions on this. The auction portion kind of just lets everyone have a chance at everyone, but since auctions take a long time, we would only do it for half of the total.
  • I am hoping to avoid LeagueSafe to avoid any fees being taken out of winnings. I would hold the money personally through Venmo. I would start the league with a $20 buy-in to keep it low enough to prevent scaring people off. It could be increased in the future as people are more comfortable. If people don’t like this idea, I am fine using LeagueSafe. It can be something discussed once the league is filled.
  • FAAB waivers with $100 budget, 5 round rookie draft every year, 10 teams, would be on Sleeper

My sleeper username is kasualkoala. Shoot me a message with your email address and tell me a bit about yourself. I’ll share the league constitution with all the rules and settings, which is in a Google Doc.

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Sign me up all in

Email is

Sleeper id is Hersheysbsquare

Still need players?

Yep, we still need a few more. Shoot me a message on Sleeper with your email address. I’ll invite you to the league and then share our Google Doc we use for the league constitution. My username is kasualkoala