FILLED THANKS! New 12 Team Dynasty League 0.5 PPR $40

I am starting up a new Dynasty league this year. (I enjoy them more than redraft). I am in another one that is going great and a second one sounds like fun. I listed below the full rules and regulations. Basics are 12 team league. $40 buy in. Active participation is a must. Rules are as follows: 12 Team. Roster QB(1), RB(2), WR(2), TE(1), RB/WR/TE (2), BN (7). Scoring is 0.5 PPR. All other scoring is Sleeper default. Platform is on Sleeper. Draft order is randomized. Draft is a slow draft. (That is the easiest to accommodate 12 people with busy lives). Key points to the league are to be active, respond to your league mates, and be committed for years to come.

8/21 - 9/2 9AM to 9PM CST STOPS from 9P to 9A CST

9/3 @ 9 AM CST Switches to 4 hours STOPS from 9PM to 9AM

9/4 @ 2 PM CST Switches to 2 Hour STOPS from 9PM to 9AM

9/5 @ 9AM CST Switches to 3 minutes STOPS from 9PM to 9AM

If you are interested send me your sleeper ID.


I’d like to join. Thanks-Curtis

Sleeper @CRainbolt

Sent you a message on sleeper

Only 7 bench players?! :flushed:

It works pretty well. No complaints so far. You also get a 5 person taxi squad for rookies only.

I am interested sleeper ID is JasonSmit

Seems like a well put together league! I’m definitely interested if there is a spot! My sleeper id is ncolonna20

im interested

on sleeper if you still have spot.

Also seeing if you have a spot open. Sleeper id MrSpacy.

I’d also be interested if there is still a spot available. My sleeper ID is jonahk97

Interested - Sleeper is nicksk90

I’m interested. Sleeper is @sloopysteve

Interested if space available.


Interested sleeper if is @coltonb00

Sorry the league has filled up. Thanks for your interest.