[Filled] Yahoo/Leaguesafe 12 Team .5 PPR $125 Auction/FAAB Sunday 6PM EST Draft! STAR WARS themed!

Hi all, looking for 1 more to fill this second year redraft league.

WR x3
RB x 2
No kicker
Bench x 6
IR x2

1st $675
2nd $325
3rd $125

$375 split across 6 players for various bonuses in final weeks (see guidebook!)

Here is our League Guidebook:

Here is the Yahoo link to join:


Here is the Leaguesafe info:

https://www.leaguesafe.com /join/3949426

(copy paste and remove the space above - for some reason the link this site generates was giving an error)

There is a loose Star Wars theme, but no knowledge of that is required. Last year we had a fun group of guys. Payouts are spread out with 6 weekly challenges that pay out toward the end of the season in an attempt to keep people interested even if they’re losing. This worked out well last year!

If you’re interested, please pay as soon as possible and let me know if your Leaguesafe info is very different than your Yahoo name so that I may know you’ve paid.

Let me know if you have any questions!