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Heya! I commish 6 dynasty leagues and I’m looking for a dedicated owner who is very active in our league.

Dues are $106 a year. This team should go pretty quickly so let me know asap. If you can pay next years dues the team is yours. We’re just finishing up payouts for 2020 now and it’s gonna go quick. It’s rich with young players for a dynasty orphan.

Dynasty League Home Page

Team on MFL

League Scoring

League Settings

If you have any questions please just reply to this message or DM me. I’ll probably have a few other orphans available so feel free to follow or keep an eye on this message board. I’m only going to piost here as we are only looking for #Footclan members to fill this squad. Thanks!

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Orphan looking for an owner. Reply or PM me your email address and i’ll get you the team ownership link and leaguesafe link and the team is yours!

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Team still available! Let me know if you have any questions!

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Is the team still available?

Sent you a pm.