Filling a WR2 hole

Hey all,

Made some moves to aquire RB depth because i was convinced my WR depth was solid.

12 team full PPR:

QB: Watson
RB: Jones, Carson, Barkley(IR), Penny, Darrel Williams, CJ Prosise (never know with SEA RBs), Mostert
WR: Woods, Hollywood, Kirk, Moore
TE: Waller, Herndon

Felt good with Woods and Hollywood as 1 and 2 but Hollywood now has back to back 6 point games, and Kirk may be hurt.

Wondering what ya’ll think i should do, could a package of Hollywood+Williams net me a courtland Sutton? Should i hold strong and have faith in Hollywood and just wait until Kirk is healthy?

Advice is appreciated.

Hollywood will be better than Sutton ROS, if not better, at least comparable; so, I would not trade Hollywood + for a lateral move. That being said, you have a very volatile team, Aaron Jones, Carson, and Woods all have had inconsistency issues; so, I’m all for moving Hollywood for a consistent WR. Maybe target Edelman straight up for Hollywood.

Also, if you want to get really courageous, I really believe in Herndon; I think he will be a top 10 TE every game he plays, especially with Darnold. So, after the bye week for him, maybe look to move Waller and Hollywood together to get an upgrade even better than Edelman. It requires a lot of trust in Herndon which I recognize may be unique to me

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appreciate the response, was about to bump the post up when you replied lol.

Personally i feel the same about Waller that you do about Herndon. I had Jared Cook last year when he was on OAK and was happy that he was rolling out as the first or second option on a bad team, always secured at least double digit points with a few breakout games. I think Waller fills that roll and has better talent, meaning he’ll be even better than Cook was last year.

That being said, i don’t hate that idea of moving forward with Herndon, but only if he can prove it. He’s going to need to show me 2 back to back solid outtings for me to feel comfortable rolling with him ROS.

Any other input guys?

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