Filling Vacancies in 86 Team NCAA Replica League


League Setup: 86 teams across 6 conferences (14 teams per the Power 5 conferences, 16 teams in the MiD16).

Power vs Mid Major: As with the NCAA, there will be 2 distinct “levels” of schools within the FCFL. The power schools within the power 5 conferences and the mid major schools in the mid major conference. Power schools have an advantage when it comes to making the college football playoff, but it comes at a price: Power schools will pay an annual buy in of $50 while mid majors will only buy in for $30.

Player pool: Only players in their first 4 years are eligible. Rookies are freshmen, 2nd years are sophomores, 3rd years are juniors, and 4th years are seniors. For example, Todd Gurley is walking at graduation in the coming weeks, and Patrick Mahomes is rolling strong into his junior year.

There are 2 copies of each player in each conference (NOTE - you can’t own both copies of a player). So for an example, there are 12 copies of Mahomes across the entire FCFL.

Starting Lineup:

1-QB, 1-RB, 1-WR, 1-RB/WR, 2-WR/TE

Rosters and Recruiting:

Every year owners will recruit players using a limited amount of scholarship funds. This scholarship fund carries over year to year, meaning each recruiting season will require a different approach based on how much $ you have available to spend. If you go all in on that big recruit, he’s going to take that much of your fund every season, so you better hope you “hit” big!

Teams have $1,000 in scholarship funds and can roster up to 20 total players. NO TRADES OR WAIVERS mid-season. RECRUITING IS KING!

Playoffs and Payouts

The FCFL has an 8-team playoff where the conference champion from each of the Power 5 conferences is guaranteed a spot, and the remaining 3 spots go to schools with the highest FCFL Score regardless of conference. Playoff seeding is determined by the FCFL Score.

For teams that don’t make the playoffs don’t worry, there is an FCFL Bowl Season. Bowls are separated into two major categories (Major Bowls, and Minor Bowls). Major Bowls are the BCS or New Years 6 bowls. And then there are the minor bowls, which are broken out into four tiers. Any team with a record above .500 is bowl eligible. For a full breakout of the payout structure please see the full by-laws attached below.

What platforms/websites/apps are used/needed?

League is hosted and run on MFL (MyFantasyLeague), Communication happens via Slack, and payments are handled via LeagueSafe.

Can I change one of the MiD16 schools to my alma mater or another college?

Conference realignment in the MiD16 is 100% permissible (the only exception to this rule is Navy and Army, we need that rivalry game).

How to join:

Take a look at the full by-laws and available positions attached below. If there is a school which you would be interested in leading, shoot me a message or leave a comment with the job you want, and I will be in touch.

Full By-Laws

Available Coaching Positions

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